6 Reasons Why You Need To Eat Fonio


Today, we’re bringing you 6 reasons why you need to eat fonio. It has feel good benefits and, more importantly, it has incredible nutritional benefits as well. This staple in Africa, where it is nicknamed the “germ of the world” or the god grain; it is the oldest cereal grown in West Africa, appreciated for its ease of production and its robustness in the face of climatic hazards. Today, its taste and nutritional properties make it a cereal highly acclaimed in Europe. Zoom on this gluten-free grass, rich in fiber and vitamins, which will become the star of your kitchen!

Reason Number 1: It Boosts Your Energy

Do you feel flat? Do you feel like your gray cells are idling? To regain form and boost your cognitive functions, bet on the fonio. “This cereal contains magnesium, a mineral whose deficit causes fatigue, hypersensitivity to stress, irritability, low morale, sleep disorders and difficulties in focusing, says Marie-Laure André, dietician-nutritionist in Toulon. It also contains iron as well as zinc which contributes to the proper functioning of our immune system. Fonio is also rich in vitamins B1 and B2, both involved in energy production. In addition, it provides complex carbohydrates (about 85%), a source of long-lasting energy. This is the food to enter your menu to regain your vitality, especially before physical or intellectual effort.

Reason Number 2: It Is A Great Source Of Proteins

For vegetarians and vegans: with 10% protein (1), as much as corn and barley, fonio is a good source of this essential nutrient for building and renewing our muscles, bones hair and nails, as well as the proper functioning of many physiological processes (energy production, immunity). Another advantage: the fonio is totally gluten-free. What allow to enjoy the benefits of this cereal without risk for people with allergies.

Reason Number 3: It Regulates Transit And Appetite

Tendency to constipation and bloating? Try the fonio. Thanks to its 8% fiber content, it allows to gently restart the intestinal transit: by absorbing the water contained in the digestive tract like a sponge, these food substances increase the volume of stool and stimulate contractions of the intestine. In 48 hours, constipation is only a distant memory! As a bonus, by swelling in the stomach, its fibers have a welcome appetite-suppressant effect when you watch your line closely.

So how do you even cook it? Very simple; these next 4 points complete our list of the 6 reasons why you need to eat fonio.
The Fonio grain is available in the form of grains and is an excellent alternative to conventional cereals: it is used instead of oats for the preparation of a porridge, instead of semolina and rice to cook a couscous or risotto way. Mixed with a few small vegetables, it is a wonderful accompaniment to a fish or meat. Incorporated into soups, it brings consistency. You will also find this cereal in the form of flour, to use alone or to mix with others, for the realization of cakes, crepes, pies, madeleines and other breads. Checkout this delicious salmon-au-fonio recipe.

Reason Number 4: All The Proteins For You Muscles Need

Despite a protein content slightly lower than average cereals (10g of protein per 100g against 12g per 100g), fonio is provided with a high content of sulfur amino acids, essential elements in our body to synthesize proteins and which must be brought by the diet.

Reason Number 5: A cereal without gluten

Fonio is also known for its lack of gluten. Indeed, even though it contains common protein fractions of cereals, including prolamins that are partially incriminated in gluten intolerance, gluten prolamins are not present in this cereal. Fonio is therefore ideal for people suffering from celiac disease, just like rice or buckwheat.

Reason Number 6: The Best Source Of Fiber for your intestines

Fonio has a high fiber content. As a reminder, the fibers are carbohydrates that can not be assimilated by our body and that, as a result, are acaloric. The fact remains that their properties and their benefits on our body are multiple.
The fibers are first and foremost an undeniable asset in the context of weight loss. By modulating the feeling of hunger, the fibers are satiating and thus limit the snacking, often responsible for weight gain. The fibers are also very interesting for the regulation of the intestinal transit, and assure an undeniable digestive comfort!


And there you have it, 6 amazing reasons why you should eat Fonio.
Need more reasons? Check this out: it has a very positive impact on blood sugar levels, the sugar level in our blood. It’s fibers are excellent modulators of blood sugar and are therefore highly recommended especially in diabetic patients. Some studies have supported these benefits by discovering in the fonio a high content of insulin secretor elements, that is to say, insulin secretors, the central hormone of diabetes.
Finally, fonio is very rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, manganese or zinc … In short, a well of nutrients in such a small grain, the dream!


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